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Project Makó Gyula Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő Buziaş Moneasa

About the project

Within the frameworks of the cooperation programs along the Hungarian-Romanian borders, five towns with tourist attractions participate in partnership and developmental cooperation. Hagymatikum Bath in Makó, Gyula Castle Bath, Orosháza-Gyopáros Bath, as well as Buziás and Mennyháza are involved in joint marketing activities, resulting in higher numbers of visitors and guest nights.

Makó and Buziás are responsible for the implementation of the project elements, as well as professional and regional cooperation in Hungary and Romania, respectively. Within the frameworks of the program, market research is performed on both sides of the border, surveying the demands of present and potential target groups: the results can later be used to elaborate new future service packages and restructure the present services. Offering a basket of services that satisfies the market demands and using tools described in a joint marketing strategy, market players can reach potential “consumers” easier and in a more targeted way. The baths will appear with leaflets, brochures, short commercial clips and advertisements published in the national daily papers designed using the same image. As parts of visitor management, the marketing devices will be supplemented by e-info points, road signs as well as the trilingual website to be created by the end of the project.

The amount of subsidies: The project is realised with 85% non-refundable subsidy from the European Regional Development Agency (ERFA), 10% co-financing by the Hungarian State and own funds, which mounts to 5% of the total budget on the Hungarian side and 2% of expenses in case of the Romanian participants.

The total budget of the project is 413,239 EUR, which equals with nearly 112 million HUF. The amount to be spent on the Hungarian areas is approximately 238 696 EUR, nearly68 million HUF. The project is post-financed.

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