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Orosháza-Gyopáros Bath


Orosháza-Gyopáros Bath is located 3 kilometres from the centre of Orosháza in the South-Eastern part of Hungary on an area of nearly 6 hectares. In addition to the water surface of Gyopáros Lake, suitable for rowing and pedal boating, guests’ demands are also catered for by open-air and roofed medical and thermal pools, a swimming pool and a training pool, an outdoor waveless experience pool with thermal water and a children’s experience pool.

During a spa treatment, the alkali – hydro-carbonate medical waters enhance the body’s regenerative ability, alkali reserves and they also have analgesic effects. They reduce the irritability of the central nervous system and symptoms caused by stress, while also decreasing sleep disorders and allergic reactions.

The experience bath, occupying an area of nearly 6,000 square metres, provides guests with 3 outdoor and 4 indoor pools with circulated water, 2 giant slides, water experience elements, a fitness room, a conference room, drink bars and a restaurant.

One of the unique areas of the Gyopáros experience bath is the sauna park, where guests are offered 6 different sauna types in 9 cabins.

Visit and be a guest at Orosháza-Gyopáros Bath!


Address: 5904 Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő, Fasor utca 3.
Phone: +36 68 / 411962
Fax: +36 68 / 512261


Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő
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