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The resort town Buzias is situated in the south-western part of Romania. The balneary and climatic resort was settled in 1811, by the Romanian doctor Gheorghe Ciocarlan and two Austrians, Jacob and Alfred Muschong. Dr. Gheorghe Ciocarlan had the merit of taking samples, testing them and highlighting the healing powers of the mineral waters in Buzias. Jacob Muschong bought 50 acres of swamp land, drained it and planted 1000 plane trees and 38 other species of trees on it, thus basically setting the resort’s actual dendrologic park. In 1875, a wooden colonnade,  in the Turkish- Byzantine style, was built in the park, honoring the rehabilitation of the land. The colonnade was made to resemble the architecture of the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul. The 510-metre construction connects all the park’s landmarks: towers with captured and protected springs, the bazaar, built around the same period and the casino, built much earlier, in 1833.

The mineral waters bottling process starts in 1840.While valorising mineral waters for therapeutic purposes, a specialized plant is built in 1907 for the carbon dioxide capture and storage process . The mineral water, very well appreciated both on national and international level, was awarded with the golden medal during the exhibition held in Bratislava in 1908.

The climate (moderate continental), the mineral waters and the free carbon dioxide are the upstanding healing factors of the Buzias resort.

Lots of ill persons take advantage of the resort’s healing qualities  through climatotherapy and heliotherapy. The two components of the therapy are facilitated by the special particularities of the air ionization in this area. Breathing in negative ions improves the conditioned reflex activity of the cortex, and it also lowers the maximum and minimum blood pressure values. Similar positive effects were noticed for asthma - inflammatory diseases of the airways, for headaches and rheumatism, and also for healing superficial or internal wounds, as well as for rapidly healing burns.

Mineral waters can be carbonated, bicarbonate, chlorinated, brome iodide, with sodium, calcium, iron, athermic, hypotonic and are used for external therapy, as well as for internal one. Natural therapeutic resources (mineral waters) are recommended in heart diseases, conditions of the central nervous system, asthenic neurosis, as well as in internal cures: digestive conditions, biliary disorders needing diuresis cures, metabolic and nutrition disorders.

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